April 14, 1912 1:00 P.M

I boarded the "Titanic" in Southampton Wednesday the 10th April, 1912. I am first class and i travel with Mr. Mark Fortune, Mrs. Mary Fortune, Miss. Ethel Flora Fortune, Miss. Mabel Helen Fortune, Mr. Charles Alezander Fortune. I do not remember my reason for being on the ship. When i saw the ship in and out i was exstatic. I felt like a "Queen". I visited my room it was well decorated. Really fancy I loved it. I wasn't very hungry so i ate ice cream. My favorite part of the ship was the deck i was getting fresh air. I didnt have much of a least favorite place in the ship because it waz so magnificant. I have had wonderful dinners and having as much fun in such a beautiful and luxorious place to be.

Ms. Elizabeth Elizabeth Fortune

April 14, 1912 11:55 P.M

When we first struck the iceberg I thought we had hit land. As I went out to check what had happened, and all i saw was chucks of ice. It looked fun, so i went to throw some too. As other passengers began to come and see the excitement, the crew was worried. I was in my room getting ready for bed, when the room shaked. At first i was really scared that something bad had happened. Then all of a sudden the ship stopped. I thought we had stopped to rest for the night. I went looking for the Captain, but i couldn't find him. So i went back to play with more chunks of ice.

The sounds were like a crack and squeaky. When i heard this i thought there was something wrong with the ship. As a sured, our steward told us that everything was alright. I was afraid but then i heard the sound of laughter. People every were from the ship were on the E Deck playing with chunks of ice. I was with my mother when all of this went down. As an elderly women she was stunned and frightened. I told my mother everything was OK , that we would be on track again in the morning.

As the night went on the chucks of ice were used in many ways. The night went on and people were still not tired. I was thinking about what could have happened down below the ship. I thought we were OK for the night. My mother retired to bed, but i stood awake, wondering were was the Captain at. After a few minutes later I soon retired to bed too.

April 15,1912 12:45 A.M

I as a young lady am behaving like young ladie's should. Other passengers of my class are being stubborn. They refuse to cooperate with the crew members. Crew members are leaving behind those who refust to listen. I do not believe how judjemental people are being. Just because a fancy person with money isn't dressed elegant dosen't mean nothing. I am with my family just amused by all the rediclous passengers.

Crew members are treating us first class like royalty. Since some passengers are being ubnocious, the crew leaves them alone. They are helping women and children into the boats first. Some men are being cowards, trying to sneak on. I feel that after all of this hastle, crew members should be rewarded. They are willing to put their lives, to save others.

Im being prepared for the worst that can happen. Eventually, we will all be snug and warm in are beds. Once again, I hope for the best to come. Now I know that their is no ship, that is unsinkable. How crew members stand up too higher values is crazy. They try to do their jobs, and they get the job done. Noow i see being a crew member isnt all as easy as it seems.


April 15,1912 1:20 A.M

As one by one the life boats are being loaded, I am very nervous. I am not prepared to die yet, im very young still. Im am now being put on life boat number 10. I am anxoius to be rescued. Everyone is rushing to get into a life boat. Crew members aren't sure if they can hold the crowd back. I am very scared i don't want to loose anybody in my family. I am nervous because i can't find my brother or father.

As I said before I was loaded onto lifeboat number 10. Im on the Promergranede Deck. Other passengers in the life boat are not happy. You can see the look and dibelief in their faces. It's very cold, im freezing. I hope to see my father and brother, the last time I saw them was on the otherside of the ship. Passengeres are now yelling for them to let the lifeboat go. I dont know to feel cared of the passengers or the boat sinking.

I am with my two sisters and my mother. They are also scared. I cannot believe this is happening. I look around me and think this all a dream. I close my eyes, and hope it's a dream. But when I open them I can still see all the rucis. People are screaming to let them through. I see a young woman with a kid try to get on. As she gets on she's crying because she doesnt want to leave her husband behind. My heart is heartbroken.


Monday April 15,1912 2:30 A.M

As boat number 10, is lowered I see people jumping off. Titanic's light's are flickering on and off. I hear the shooting of rockets. As the crew member in our lifeboat begins to paddle, I feel a little relieved that I am off the ship. I estimate about 80 or more in the life boat. People are just shocked that the Titanic was going down like that.

People are shaking from the cold. I myself is shaking, I wonder when we will get to a place that's warm. My mother is wondering what wil happen when we reach New York in the morning. People are huddling together, and praying that we make it. Everyone is taking off their life belts. Some passengers are complaining we should of stood on the ship. I tell them they rather die or live. They al stay shut after my one little comment.

When they fire the rockets, it stardles me. I know that rockets are for sending help, so I can tell that the situation is really bad. I hear people screaming their lung's off. I pray for every soul still on that ship. I feel kind of depressed that so many lives, might be lost. All of sudden funells start to collapse. One of the funnels alost hit few life boats. As we get farther and farther the screams sound more scarier.

April 15, 1913

When the boat I was in was rescued from the Titanic, I was joyful. I couldn't belive I had been 1 out of all the other surviors to survive. Seeing other people around me, was like a family reunion. Though we were not related, everyone that survived was happy to be ok. When I arrived in New York, reporters asked us what had happened. I was too tired to explain, but I told them that I was lucky to be here.

My life has been awkward now and there. I think about all the people that didn't survive but I know im one of them that did survive. In my mind I still see and hear people screaming for help. Since the sinking I've learned to be thankful of my life. I don't think I've dealt with the situation very good. I still see little clips in my head of that night. It was like watching a horror movie.

My plans for the future are to try to get that night out of my head. The night of the sinking was history. I think that this history should just go down with the boat. People who didn't survive should be able to R.I.P. I hope in the future that I will find a good job. I also hope that I will not be judged for not bringing back the last night of the "Titanic."